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Эксперт по донской и буденновской породам Анна Николаева, получила письмо от господина Петера, нового хозяина Масштаба.

Это письмо она любезно разрешила выложить на сайте.

Dear Anna,

 On December 16 last year you wished me for Christmas that all my dreams come true. One very important dream for me really came true as I now am owner of Macwstab and very happy with him!

 My vision of him is: a very remarkable horse with an athletic build. I would think an oriental kind of horse. He has good manners and easy to groom, lift his legs for cleaning hooves.

I have not mounted him yet as he is only 2 days here and I want to get close to him in contact. So I walk him in 30 minutes from the stable at my home to his meadow and he is very alert but not at all impressed by anything. He seems to be obedient and reacts on the slightest aids I give, very promising.

Coming week I will start riding him, probably through fields and woods. Hope that he is as cool as he is now.

 If Macwstab is typical for the breed then I cannot understand why the Russian people and authorities have neglected the breed so much! It is really the gold of Russia!

 Wish you all the best and hope to keep in contact with you!

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