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На днях мы снова получили письмо от господина Петера Ван Шутена, нового хозяина донского мерина Масштаба.


Dear Jane,

perhaps it is only coincidence, but I grew up with horses and ride since childhood. I am 61 now but never had a horse that was so close to me as Macwtab! Since our first meeting there is a ‘click’ and mutual trust. And there was another little wonder: my wife is not a horselover, but she fell for him to! That makes it all more easy for me to spent time with the horse.

I was amazed how he came of the transport after 3 days and 3000 km. Not stressed or tired, but very alert and fit. That is also a big complement to the driver! He cared very well for the horse. So I gave him a tip for that. Absolutely deserved!

Last week I took Macwtab out riding 3 mornings and only were out for 1 hour each. I did not ask much of him. Only a relaxed walk on a slack rein with a little trotting. It was a pleasure for both of us. After the ride he had a whole day in the pasture with my old gelding. Traffic is no problem at all.

Next week I am having a complete vet check according to Dutch laws and have the obliged transponder in him. Then I have my favorite saddle checked for correct fitting. It fits but I want to be sure that it does not hurt the horses back on longer and more intensive rides.

We will keep contact. I mail you and send you pictures with news.

Warm greetings, Peter"

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