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Новости о нашем "голландце" Масштабе ( ныне Staf от голландского MaatStaf ( масштаб)).

В конце октября, Господин Петер ван Шутен и Масштаб участвовали в конной охоте.

(перевод после оригинала текста)


the text on my trailer is now “Mustang" (it is the name of the trailermodel) but I have a plan to change the letters to “DONCHAK", so that everybody can read what kind of horse is travelling by this trailer! It is a way to make this exceptional horsebreed known in the Netherlands.

 Most horse people I met do not know the race at all. ONly as I tell them that it is a cossack horse, then they seems to onderstand its origin. Everyone is very pleased by his build and the way he is muscled. On this hunt I met a man who organizes every year a horse show for the general public. it is called The Hoge Veluwe Paardendagen. It is in spring. He was very impressie by Staf and his history. He asked me if I was willing to present Staf to the general public! Of course I am going to do that. He will sent me more information on this subject and I willen you know. 

By the way: Staf did ... Читать дальше »

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